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Quad Bubble Extreme

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Intensive matching color action.
The idea is to prevent the falling balls from filling up a container. Using keys 1..4 , you switch colors. You can clear only balls that match the selected color. Every time you clear a ball , you gain experience and you level up your quad power. With higher quad power, you clear more balls with one click. So if your quad power is level 2 , you clear 2 balls with the selected color. Pressing spacebar, will clear all the balls , but will leave you with half of your current multiplier. If you click on a ball with different color than the selected one , your multiplier decreases by 1 , if hit it right you increase it. It's a game about score and having fun clicking on stuff :)
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This game is now deleted: Quad Bubble Extreme
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1 korsan_08 7552330 3368 gün 1 saat önce
2 korsan_08 4470280 3375 gün önce
3 korsan_08 4289170 3368 gün 1 saat önce
4 iSYaN_ 3750900 2920 gün 3 saat önce
5 isyankar_1986 1879710 3122 gün 21 saat önce
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ceekfade 5/12/2016
sevval 7/26/2011
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