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Helicopter Rescue

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Welcome to Helicopter Rescue. In this game you controle a Helicopter with the arrow keys. Your task is to collect the person in each level. That for you have a laser, to beam up the people. You can activate the laser by pressing space. After that you must flight to the exit and get in the next level. After every level you get a Level-Code. With this code you can jump direct into that level when you died. If you use that codes, you can't submit the Highscore.
Controle the Helicopter with the arrow keys and activate the laser with space.
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This game is now deleted: Helicopter Rescue
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1 isyankar_1986 4962 3076 gün 15 saat önce
2 JoLi 4944 3095 gün 11 saat önce
3 JoLi 4922 3095 gün 11 saat önce
4 JoLi 4908 3076 gün 8 saat önce
5 JoLi 4906 3074 gün 12 saat önce
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